As a Digital Nomad I work from everywhere remotely. Reach out to me via Whatsapp or Messenger, if I don’t reply to your call. You can also plan a meeting here

Join me with your project or invention on my next event Future Flux Festival 4 July by getting a ticket for free.

You can approach me for the following services I offer:

Startup & Business Consultancy (from ideation to implementation for startups / Corporate Innovation using lean methodologies and proven innovation formats & tools)
Event planning & Hackathons (Creating transitions in old-fashioned markets & business models through impact events like Education Hackathon Campus Party)
Mentoring/Coaching of Students/Young Professionals (Supporting individuals on pursuing personal goals, currently coached around 500 professionals in person and inspired around 10.000 persons online to live by their passion via communities like Young Creators)
Keynote speaking / trend presentations & workshops (The state of technology now & where you could be standing tomorrow, helping you with scenarioplanning and transition in person (paradigm), organization & system)
Publishing / Blogging / Online Marketing for events & Startups (PR/Engagement/Content marketing, currently blogging for Influencive & Startup Grind)
Other requests f.e. solar cooking workshops, social entrepreneurship, community management & startup travels

You can easily reach me via +31 (0)6-39895302
or leave a message in my mailbox via