Summa Hackathon co-organizer
Organized a hackathon to improve the quality of future proof education for the Processtechnology course. Reducing 40% of students that lack motivation to finish school after working in (now) completely automated factories without work for production employees anymore.
Pitch trainer for WhatTheHackathon
Gave a pitch training and finishing keynote on WhatTheHackathon 2017.
pitchtraining whatthehackathon
Project manager of the first Educational Escape Room for Primary School
‘Het Geheim van de Monnik’ is an escape room built together with the Religieus Museum Uden to train 800 primary school students in Literature and new media. I took care of project managing the new media part with design expert Luc Thijssen. We implemented VR, AR, QR, Gaming, literature but also math and storytelling in this temporary Escape room from February to June 2017.
Became the Youngest host & advisor for the Erasmus+ & Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program
Searched for a partnership with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs to work on my iCity Tender project Stamboom. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was so enthusiastic about my experience and knowledge about changing education that I was invited to be the first host that has a business less than 3 years registered plus they asked me to host a mini-hack and give a keynote on the annual Erasmus LEO-NET consortia conference in Barcelona, March 2017.
LEO NET Barcelona
Won the Dutch Open Hackathon 2016
With  a team of 5 people, we ended up winning 4 prizes including the overall prize and the public prize on this massive Dutch Open Hackathon with 300 participants between 9-11 December 2016. As a result, we started the startup “Find It, the Pokémon Go for lost and stolen items”. We are still developing Find It and looking for launching partners in 2017.
Advising & participating Donders Brainhack Education Hackathon
Helped with the marketing and program of Donders Education hackathon, over 30 Phd students and graduates participated in November 2016 with amazing results.
Became a professional speaker for Wiseass Agency
After my TedxTalk & my scientific research presentation, I got the opportunity to speak for an agency for young ambitious leaders in the Netherlands. With Wiseass Agency every element of speaker events can be done for organizations.
Nick3 (2)
Campus Party meets Education Hackathon Co-organizer
Helped with organizing the first European Campus Party edition in the Netherlands including coordinating 25 hackathons & organizing the biggest European Education Hackathon ever with over 200 attendees and 65 hackers plus a Climate Hackathon. February 2016 – June 2016. Campus Party attracted 1500 Campusero’s (week stay camping visitors) & 8500 day visitors.
group picture eduhack1
24h Education Hackathon
Organizer 2015/2016 editions of the worldwide 24h Eduhack, an initiative launched by Presenté in 2013. January 2015 – Currently

Check out educationhack for our upcoming editions. Feel free to participate in hacking Education.

Co-Founder Articulum, Writer Influencive & Startup Grind + Community catalyst Under30Changemakers. November 2013 – Currently

Building the biggest NGO Startup & (Social) entrepreneur communities across the world further with writing interesting articles, guiding startups, from misfits to rebels and drop-outs through organizing workshops or impact events. Everything to encourage people to stand on their own feet and start businesses out of own beliefs and passion.
Co-organizer INNOVATIONHACK May 2015

Pressure cook for businesses and students to solve business cases within 4 to 6 hours. With teams of 4-5 multidisciplinary students and Studio Doon Innovation Cards they learn how to work with a Lean Startup Method while they are helping a business further in finding new business models or a modern strategy approach.

RUUW & Misfits
Co-founder Foundation RUUW, Misfits member Jan 2014 – Currently

Together with 15 ambitious youngsters from Uden and Veghel we set up RUUW. A local initiative to support and thrive forward local entrepreneurship. We do this by activating the community and organizing 3-4 events a year for the age group between 18-35-year-old. After organizing several events a new group of young entrepreneurs approached me to join Misfits and currently 40 entrepreneurs arranged themselves a homebase in the city centre of Uden thanks to a collaboration with Rabobank and Gemeente Uden.